Monday, September 24, 2007

"Fr Vosko Is Not Involved In Any Plans"

I have been assured, both by Fr Vosko and Linda Dix that
  1. No plans yet exist.
  2. Fr Vosko is not involved in any planning to date.
  3. Fr Vosko is only coming to talk on Vatican II and the various possibilities of architecture.
This is reassuring, to say the least, but cause for concern remains, if Fr Vosko's past work can be taken as an indicator of the type of church design he will be promoting. On his Philosophy page he espouses the idea that the church is not "... a temple to honor the deity", but a house for the assembly.

As Fr Vosko takes the USCCB document "Built of Living Stones" and the GIRM as foundational sources for his architectural philosophy, I will be reviewing each of these documents and their canonical status in upcoming posts.

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charade said...

As a parishioner, I would like to have Donna Dix and Father Damien respond to following questions:

What is the need for a consultant?

In my opinion, since the parish will be hiring an architect for the project, a committee formed within the parish, should be the source of design programming.

Why does there need to be a “selling” of Dr. Vosko” to the community?

Were other “consultants” solicited, and a shortlist established?

Why is the expertise and professional resources that exist within the parish community and have always provided past sources of contributions and services being ignored?

My opinion is that this may be the start of a
charade and debacle that others have warned about!