Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where would we build?

If Our Lady of Good Counsel is to build a new church, the current parish grounds have no room for expansion. Most of the structures on Main Street are historic buildings that cannot be removed or significantly changed, so where would we build?

The diocese owns at least two pieces of property in Moorestown: one on Camden Ave, adjacent to Mount Carmel Cemetery and another at the intersections of Centerton and Hartford Roads.

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The west location is unsuitable for several reasons, most notably its size. It is a small property, most likely smaller than the current church and parking lot, and has two existing homes on it. These homes (together) currently serve as the parish rectory, and various improvements have been made to these properties since Father Damien moved into the larger of the two homes (new garage, driveway, fence, and archways in the back).

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The eastern location is considerably larger (18 Acres), located on the former Winner Farm at Centerton and Hartford Roads. This property appears to be undeveloped, and is the likely site of any future construction for Our Lady of Good Counsel parish.

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